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Sam McKee - October

Sam McKee races in the Roadsports.. He made his debut this year in Club Enduro and the BMW Car Club Racing series. We put 10 questions to him..

You may well have been interviewed by Josh at some point across a weekend or heard him on the commentary.. Now it was our turn to put some questions to Josh, here's what he had to say..

Josh Barrett - September

Tim Penstone - Smith - August

We put 10 questions to Locost driver Tim Penstone - Smith.. Here is what he had to say about his adventures in Locost..

In a twist to the usual Driver of the Month, I set out to answers some questions from the drivers... To take a look at what I had to say click here..

Sammy Nudd - July

Ben Rushworth - June

Ben Rushworth - Hot Hatch Racer and Vlogger.. We put 10 questions to Ben about his racing career so far and the car he would most like to review. Check out his answers here.. 

Alex Jones - Formula Vee driver. This month we put 10 questions to Alex about his racing career so far.. Here is what he said

Alex Jones - May

Nick Garner - April

Nick Garner - Clio 182 driver. This month we interview Nick from the Clio 182 Championship, we put 10 questions to him, here is what he said...

James Gahagan - Clio 182 Driver 750 Motor Club

 We put 10 questions to James about his racing career so far, check out the answers here

James Gahagan - March

Marcus Ward - February

Marcus Ward - Classic Stock Hatch Driver 750 Motor Club 

We put 10 questions to Marcus about his racing career, see what answers he gave us by clicking here

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