Meet The Driver - Alex Jones

Alex is 25 years old, I graduated from University of Hertfordshire in 2016. Coming out with the degree in Motorsport Technology. I’m a big Doctor Who and Star Wars fan away from motorsport. Here's what we had to say when we asked him about his racing career 

1. When did you start racing and where?

My first car race was in April 2013 at Brands Hatch in the Formula Vee. I remember being so nervous before the race, but I stayed calm and kept it on the black stuff.

2. Would you consider racing in another formula?

I would have to say yes, I’m determined to climb the motorsport ladder to race at Le Mans in the future. I have had tests in other Formulae cars, BRDC F3 and F4. I’m about to have a test in the Citroen C1 which I’m excited for. The series which is really exciting me to get into has to be the Ginetta series. The ladder is there to see, and I would love to progress up.

3. What’s your most memorable moment in 2017?

2017 wasn’t the best year of my racing career so far. I had too many engines let go, the reliability was bad throughout last season. I loved racing round the full Brands GP loop and got a 7th position which was my best result throughout the year. That was memorable, but at the 50th Anniversary of the Formula, my best overtake came through one of the heats, which was overtaking 2 cars going into Mansfield. And I got my first front row start in the repecharge final, which I was happy with, but I couldn’t get out as 2 engines had gone throughout the weekend which was bad.

4. Tell us a random fact about yourself!

There’s a few random facts about me! I would have to say I’m a certified Nitrox scuba diver.

5. What is your favourite race circuit?

My favourite race circuit has always been Donington Park. I just love the place, the atmosphere of the track. The museum always gets me in a good mood too.

6. Sum up your 2017 season in 5 words?

Fun, bad reliability, learning curve

7. Do you have any pre race superstitions?

Well, I don’t like to call them superstitions but I have an order of what to do before a race! Which is listen to music and go to the toilet before getting in the car. While in the assembly area before we get sent out for the race, I like to pray to God and do some visualisation of the track. And the last thing is a handshake from my team boss, my mechanic and my dad.

8. What are your hopes for 2018?

My aim for this season is to get into the top 5 at a race weekend. Need to sort out my qualifying and race starts for that to happen. The other aim is try and finish in the top 10 for the championship. I know I have the race pace to finish consistently in the top 10 for this season. Proved by getting two 8th positions at Combe and very nearly getting into the top 10 at Brands from 22nd on the grid.

9. If you could pick a teammate who would it be?

That is a very hard one, if you looked at every type of motorsport, I would have to say Daniel Riccardio as he would be a right laugh. But in all honesty I would have to say, Alex Toth Jones, as we would confuse the hell out of everyone! I can just imagine it in endurance racing, haha. And we are good mates off track.

10. Who are your racing idols?

From a young age, it has always been David Coulthard, he was the first driver I can remember to winning a race on tv. I've got DC's autograph quite a few times, and met him a few times. From time to time I have also watched Moto GP and Valentino Rossi is a legend, so he is another idol. But the ultimate idol for me is Ayrton Senna, although I didn't see him race, as I was only 1 when he died. I've seen old race highlights and love the history of him vs Prost.


Alex would like to give a shoutout to his dad who has always supported him throughout his racing.

Also to Body Clinic for training him throughout the past seasons.

There’s also Aim For The Grid who have been promoting Alex.

Alex would also like to thank the NXT GEN Racing League and a final shoutout to CRPS Awareness Racing 4 A Cure

Check out Alex's website to keep up to date with news 

Photo Credit: Sam Nudd


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