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Meet The Driver - Ben Rushworth

1. When did you start racing and where?

My first moment piloting anything was in a Kart, and I spent a long time lapping a desolate circuit in the armpit of the Hong Kong Countryside. I did a small amount of kart racing when I was a teenager in China, scrapping around on old tyres, a chassis nobody had ever heard of and just enjoying myself. I was lucky enough to do so in part of the world where motorsport was not easy to get into unless your wallet doth overspillith! I didnt get my ARDS licence in the UK until 2012 where a best mate persuaded me to do so, stuck me in his historic FIA MGB and sent me out to race the best guys in the MGB world with the MGB 50th anniversary series. We got pole, but it wasn't until my second race I got a win. I went on another hiatus until 2014 where I did my first full season in the MG Metro Cup, and came second 2 years in a row until I won it in 2016.

2. Would you consider racing in another formula?



. . . . haha, no of course I would. I am following a path that I can finance and get sponsors in. There is very little you could ask me to drive and I'd say no, unless it was particularly dodgy or the racing was overly "friendly". I have actually just been asked to drive a Chevron B8 at a few rounds this season and I really hope that getting out into the historic paddock and another car will help springboard my progress.

3. What’s your most memorable moment in 2017?

Loosing the title at the last race. I wasn't particularly bitter or angry, but I was so thoroughly disappointed with myself for not coming through with that extra performance through the year that might of secured it for me. I am a true one man band, I spend every waking hour somehow trying to manipulate circumstance and opportunities to better myself or the car. I cant plough money into the car as I just dont have any, I'm usually struggling to get entry fees together so everything I do has to be done by my hands, and when you invest that much of yourself into the one thing that totally obsesses you, a failure (if second can be called a failure), cuts that much deeper. However the dichotomy of success and failure is that failure, no matter how small (when inflated in my own mind) is what provides the drive to push yourself until you strain every relationship around you. Thankfully I have a family that understands the passion and drive that I've had my whole life and that I'm actually able to pursue it now, and they support every bad decision I make. Apart from that, Trump taking office was pretty memorable......

4. Tell us a random fact about yourself!

Random would suggest it has nothing to do with motorsport. I'm half Chinese and I've never had a conversation with my grandmother as I cant speak chinese.

5. What is your favourite race circuit?

I don't really have a favourite circuit, more favourite corners. Surtees/clearways at brands, Tower at Combe, Maggots/Becketts at Silverstone, piff/paff at Rockingham, the chicane at Croft. Anything that really requires a step up and commitment to carry a few mph extra through compared to other drivers.

6. Sum up your 2017 season in 5 words?

To quote the fast and the furious....Dude, I almost had you.

7. Do you have any pre race superstitions?

No, I'm usually late to every session, so I don't have time to plan anything like that. I give my missus and little boy a kiss before I head out, but thats it.

8. Did you ever imagine your Vlogs would be so popular?

Are they?

haha. No, I started doing them as I thought they would bring a unique addition or perspective to club racing. You have to keep peoples eyes on you to attract sponsors and provide some sort of value to them. I needed to differentiate myself from other drivers.

9. What car would you love to do a Vlog on?

McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail. Something to scare me.

10. Where did the idea of Deadset Rebel Co. come from?

Deadset came from a need to unify what I am trying to achieve, and the name is in reference to the frame of mind I have when it comes to winning. A friend actually came up with it after I had thrown numerous stupid highbrow names nobody would get, and it pretty much sums up my approach. The Rebel side is because I do it alone and in a manner that isn't traditionally how others might go about things. Plus, the kids need something cool on a t-shirt to buy them. Its basically a brand I'm hoping to grow into something like minded people would gravitate towards and support. 


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Ben would like to thank the following people and companies for their ongoing support :

Friends and Family

Rival Motorsport

Taikyu Ltd

Spoon Sports

Dixcel Brake Technology

Vintage Tyres

Honed Developments

Quantum Racing Suspension


DMS Auto Services

Saenz Group Argentina

Track Formula


Nankang Tyres

Nemos Garage California

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