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Marcus Ward - Classic Stock Hatch

Where and when did I start racing?

Well I have wanted to race for as long as I can remember. My dad was a rally driver and so my brothers and I grew up on the Motorsport scene which inevitably turned us into petrol heads and my first taste of Motorsport, as with many other drivers was a trip to the local arrive and drive kart track. I was hooked... however, karting was too expensive to start competing properly and so sadly it never happened. It wasn't until 2012 when my brother Ben bought a car to race in CSH (classic stock hatch) that we really got into real (some will laugh) Motorsport. 4Ward Motorsport was formed and I was hooked again. I could see that this was a real possibility for me financially so I bit the bullet and built my XR2i from scratch in 2014 in preparation for the 2015 season. I was extremely nervous and rather too protective of my shiny red car heading into the first round at Brands hatch. I had an amazingly enjoyable weekend and the car didn't get a scratch. Two top tens in my first race weekend meant I was pretty chuffed and my season only got better. I was lucky enough to gain a number of podiums and win the Novice championship for 2015.

Would I consider racing in another Formula?

Well the simple answer for this is yes I would. However I do find myself emotionally attached to the CSH Championship and the people that go with it.

What is my most memorable moment of 2017?

Firstly, I didn't have a particularly consistent 2017 season with. numerous mechanical issues so it was full of ups and downs. The stand out memory for me though is an obvious choice and it was the weekend of the Brands hatch rounds. Anthony Reid (BTCC legend) came to show us all how to do it in a car borrowed from the Rozier family and to cut a long story short, I managed to beat him. It was amazing to prove that the guys in CSH are actually very fast and extremely competitive. That weekend I had 2 podiums with 2 fastest laps and it was also my first Father's Day on the Sunday. I must add that Anthony was a great sport and a truly genuine guy.

A random fact about yourself?

I used to have an 80's mullet

What's your favourite race track?

Again it's difficult to choose as generally the circuits you have most success will obviously stand out as a favourite. Silverstone has always been the circuit I perform best at and as it's my local track (less than 3 hours drive) I guess I'd have to say that's my choice in both National and International layouts.

If you had to pick a team mate who would it be and why?

Well I currently have three team mates as part of 4Ward Motorsport and two are my brothers but putting them aside (to save arguments) I'd have to say James Hunt (I know he's no longer with us). I'd have chosen him purely because I like drinking and reckon he'd have been a good laugh in CSH.

Do you have any pre race superstitions?

Nope. I hate the thought of getting to the grid and then panicking that I haven't got my lucky pants on and so for that reason, I don't have any.

What are your hopes for 2018?

Well in all honesty I would just like to have a consistent season with no issues. I've always had a few niggles that caused failures or huge lack of pace so I'd like to put all that behind me if possible. I will also be racing in the Club Enduro championship for a round or 2 in a Civic and I'm really looking forward to that.

What is your dream car?

I like too many cars to really decide this but I have always loved Ferraris. I know it sounds like an answer from a 10 year old but I can't help myself. I'll take a 458 please.

Who are your racing idols?

Is it bad to say I don't really have any? I just love Motorsport and always have done.


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