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Meet The Commentator

1.How did you get started in commentary?

 I always wanted to get involved in Motorsport in one way or another, driving not an option as I basically have no budget! At the beginning of the decade, I got talking to the voice of the 750 Motor Club, Ian Sowman – he showed me the ropes, let me have a go and it went on from there. Ian has always been a very good mentor to me.

2. What’s your favourite 750MC formulae to commentate on?

 Tough one, all of them in their own way! As a big Endurance racing fan, I love the fairly new Club Enduro. And it’s taken off fantastically, with huge grids and a competitive class structure, with a good range of cars. But, of course, short, sharp, sprint racing is the core of the 750 Motor Club, and slipstreamers from Locost and Formula Vee are always entertaining. A whole 750MC day is full of excitement, with a great paddock to boot, thoroughly enjoy getting to work with the club on a regular basis.

3. How was your first 24 hour experience?

I can’t actually remember my first 24-Hour experience, must have been ten years ago or so, but I’m assuming you are referring to the recent Snetterton 24 Hours, where I was lead commentator for a good part of it. 24-Hour racing is obviously a very different commentary style, but I surprised myself with my ability to keep talking despite being solo in the booth. As the event was live streamed, there were producers speaking off-air to me while I had to keep talking, so that was an interesting experience which I need to get more used to. It was also surprising how three hours sleep on the back seat of a small French hatchback can keep you going!

4. Tell us a random fact about yourself

 I believe the first race meeting I attended was at Snetterton when I was 9 (or so) months old, which featured the TVR Tuscan Challenge – a series which I will be commentating on this weekend. Must have attended getting on for 1000 race meetings now though!

5. Sum up the 2018 season so far in 5 words

 Busy, exciting and very enjoyable!

6. What would be your dream commentary job?

As I mentioned earlier, endurance racing is a big passion of mine – and there’s only one race that comes out on top and that’s the Le Mans 24 Hours.

7. Which track is your favourite to commentate on?

Brands Hatch. You can see the whole circuit, racing is generally very close and it’s a place I’ve spent lots of time at! Plus, it’s close to home.

8. Who would you like to work with in a commentary box?

As an endurance racing fan, you can only admire Paul Truswell’s ability to follow the race’s strategies and the like. And as it turns out, I’m going to get to commentate with Paul in October at the Formula Ford Festival, a very different event to 24-hour races. So, I’m really looking forward to meeting Paul and getting to work with him. This will be the second year I’ve worked at the Festival, which I’m really excited for – an event which is coming up to its 50th anniversary, so has so much history with amazing names that have competed in the past and has some the best racing.

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