BMW Car Club To Launch Race Series

BMW Car Club launch racing series in 2018 BMWCCR (BMW Car Club Racing)

The BMW Carclub GB is the official BMW club in the UK. The club used to have its own race championship up until 1999 so it was decided to relaunch it in 2018 with the aim of encouraging enjoyable club racing for all BMW owners without excessive costs.

The series in 2018 will cater for all BMW models via power to weight classes - designed to make the racing close but fair.

There will be 2 M based classes, a class for 6 cylinder non M cars, and 4 cylinder cars and the BMWcup control class for 325ti compacts. The club aims to reduce costs with entry fees but also a wide choice of tyres and negotiated deals helps make the entrants racing cheaper although we acknowledge its never going to be cheap.

Following Autosport there was a large amount of interest in the club ideas and events this year - resulting in a large number of drivers registering in all the classes - amongst them several champions from Kumho and NSCC and CSCC, 750MC and MSVR Race winners. So being open to all has had an appeal and encourage drivers to take part and help develop the future championship/ The show showcased a selection of the cars from an E21, an S54 powered E30 to the E36, E46 and 1 series showing the mix of cars heading to the tracks.

There are also many other plans to attract spectators with ticket offers, grid walks, a guinness record attempt plus TV so its all very exciting going forward. We just hope that everyone enjoys the racing and all the drivers have fun on and off track For more information please look at the Facebook page : BMWCCR or the club website or call Neil on 07767688233

Photo credits to BMW Car Club and Joshua Barrett

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