After the first four rounds of the Hot Hatch Championship, the MACAW motorsport team have had mixed results. Here is a little round up of what's happened so far..

Brands Hatch saw the start of the season get underway after Donington was snowed off mid March. All three MACAW drivers were out. After a great qualifying, the races proved the challenge, with Rob Fagg getting a great start off the line, he sadly was involved in a multi car crash which ended his race. Paul Kaynes and Chris Woods fought in the top 5, with Woods in 3rd until a grass tracking moment cost him a first podium finish. In race 2, the boys had their work cut out. Rob started from the back of the grid in his repaired Saxo. Woods and Kaynes fought once again in the top 5 until both sadly ran into car trouble forcing them to retire. It was left to the sole remaining MACAW driver of Rob to chase the pack. Some impressive overtakes put him 4th in class chasing down Ian Williamson in 3rd, sadly there just wasn’t enough laps but it was a might achievement to come from the back of the grid to 4th in class.

Croft saw the sunny conditions return once again. It was a solo effort with Rob Fagg the only driver out for the meeting. Rob put in a superb qualifying session to land pole position and a new lap record. The two races on the Saturday proved to be a challenge for Rob. In race 1 he lost the lead after a fast start from Adam Read. Unfortunately Rob caught a wheel on the grass on lap 2 and had a spin. He began fighting his way back up the field, he managed to get back into 3rd place and was on track for a podium finish, when lady luck struck again, 5 corners from the end of the race the car came to a stop, Rob tried valiantly to restart the car however it wasn’t to be. In race 2 Rob was hoping for a good clean race. He started well after avoiding a very side ways Mac Mccarthy in his Fiesta, by the end of lap 1 he was already in 3rd place and chasing 2nd place man William Hornsey. As the pair came towards sunny in, Hornsey braked much earlier then Rob anticipated causing the two to collide with each other, sadly causing another DNF and weekend that Rob would want to forget.

Pembrey saw Rob sit out this round and saw the return of Paul Kaynes and Chris Woods. Qualifying in the hot Welsh sunshine saw Kaynes finish in 3rd and Woods 4th. The first race was equally as hot, as the cars set off the places remained unchanged with Kaynes in 3rd and Woods 4th. The pack spread out and Woods set about challenging Kaynes. However they were to even on pace and Kaynes brought his car home in a fantastic 3rd with Woods finishing 4th. This was MACAWs first trophy of the season. Race was rather eventful, in the damp conditions that greeted them on Sunday morning. Kaynes and Woods again got a good start, and began to battle the Mac Mccarthy for 2nd. Mccarthy got past them to stay in 2nd while the MACAW drivers set about settling who would finish 3rd. Kaynes and Woods had a slight coming together in their battle which meant they skipped the chicane, this allowed Charlie Cole through to take 3rd with the boys finishing 4th and 5th respectively.

Cadwell provided a strong weekend for the team. Rob with his newly repaired car came out and produced a brilliant lap to secure pole position. Paul Kaynes finished 4th on a competitive grid. The first race saw a great battle between Rob and Michael Winkworth, with Rob getting boxed in at the start he was forced to settle for 2nd while battling Winkworth he had a class B car to contend with in between them. On the final few laps Rob managed to get past Callum and chase down Winkworth, sadly their wasn’t enough laps, Rob scored his best result of 2nd and also claimed fastest lap along the way. Paul had great battles along the way in race 1 and finished a very strong 4th place. Race 2 the conditions had changed to a rather greasy track as the rain began to fall. Rob managed to get into 2nd this time behind Winkworth but with no other cars between them, he set about chasing him down. Paul managed to snatch 3rd place of Mccarthy however, this was a battle that went down to the wire! Rob couldn’t find a way past Winkworth with them so evenly matched on pace. Paul and Mccarthy swapped positions and rubbed paint a few times in their battle. On the final lap of the race Mccarthy attempted a move on Paul for 3rd, however the rain had started to come down more which caught Mccarthy unawares. He lost the car under breaking, went flying across the now wet grass and head first into the barrier. Fortunately Mccarthy was unhurt which is always great news and we hope the car will be repaired in time for Silverstone. This saw the first double podium of the season for the team with Rob and Paul taking 2nd and 3rd.

Their attention now turns to Silverstone this weekend, where the boys will be hoping for more success in the two races on Sunday. SJN Photography wish them the best of luck and, I will be sure to capture the on track moments.

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