MACAW motorsport from the beginning

MACAW Motorsport stands for Mates and Cars all weekend, that sums them up rather well. With the team expanding in 2019 to 8 cars under their wing we chat to Paul Kaynes the founder of MACAW about how it all began and the teams plans for 2019. 

MACAW was “born” on a 13 hour round trip from Sussex to Croft and back 3 years ago when Mark Freeman, Chris Woods and Paul Kaynes were in the van in our first Hot Hatch season.  Mark has been Paul's engineer and race support man for 14 years now from oval racing days.

Chris is an old friend of Paul's, who was a national champion in 1300 stock cars on the ovals, and spent that season coming along to both (massively) help and to see what 750Mc was like, before getting a car himself obviously 2 years ago.  

The 4th “founder member” was Coxy. He was the I.T. brains who was recruited on the phone on that journey !  He is an old friend to us all and a banger boy of old.

MACAW was set up for 4 reasons really.

1. It was a brand and platform for sponsors and commercial partners.

2. we wanted to provide race support on circuits as Mark had done on the ovals.

3. we really wanted a great social every weekend we went away, so it was hoped to be a little “social club” in itself.

4.we wanted a record/ diary of our racing times to share with friends, family and anyone else who was remotely interested!

Rob Fagg became a good friend over that first year of MACAW, and joined them in year two, so on top of the great stuff Coxy had done to get the social media off the ground, Rob had been a web developer so he did a great job getting the website going.   Paul runs his own business, so being a desk johnny, getting some sponsorship going was Paul's bag and it all started to roll from there.

So where are we now?  Well for 2019  Rob has moved on from Hot Hatch to get a Locost, and Paul has one too, so they will both run in Locost under the MACAW banner and Chris Woods, Paul and the latest, (and last ) recruit to MACAW, Ian Williamson will also run in Hot Hatch under the MACAW banner.  

Paul said, "Running two car this year might be a challenge for me, but we will see. Locost this year is just a learning curve for Rob and I and we are both looking forward to it very very much." "Having “tested” at Snetterton at the last round of last season in mine, it seems like a really great formula and it is a really nice atmosphere with a very helpful and very very friendly bunch of people. "

 In the Hot Hatch, Chris, Ian and Paul are hoping to be more competitive this year. Last year was a tough year, with them all having random problems that kept bugging them and that made for a patchy, messy season really, but no excuses, it is but onwards and upwards for 2019 hopefully!

They all certainly learnt a lot and having support from each other was a big plus.  As hoped in the early days, they are also supporting Dave Measday and Charlie Cole at meetings too, so they are in the MACAW nest really, so that is seven cars on track and in-house.

It all makes for great BBQ evenings now, although sometimes, not such good hangovers! Oh well.  In addition to these 7 MACAW cars, this year, as first shown on the 750 stand at the NEC, the latest MACAW to “hatch” is the hire car for track days and meetings that Mark runs, so that is 8 cars now really.    

Finally, it is also pleasing to have introduced a number of new drivers to Hot Hatch and 750MC from the ovals this year. We are helping and advising the new owners of the old Law, Jarvis and Winkworth cars, all of which will be on track this coming season and that is great too. Good cars, that won’t be getting dusty in a barn. Superb.  

Here’s to a great 2019. Maggie MACAW can’t wait and neither can we !!!!

Photo credits: Sam Nudd & MACAW Motorsport

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