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Scott Edgar To Join JG Racing Clio 182 Team..

The Clio 182 team JG Racing today have announced that Scott Edgar will be joining James Gahagan in a two car assault in the championship for the 2019 season.    James and Scott will be entering their third year of racing in the Clio 182 championship. The two will hope to push each other further building on their seasons last year. The cars will be revealed in March during pre season testing before the Championship kicks off in April at Brands Hatch.

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JG Racing are busy confirming partners for the 2019. No official announcements have been made but we do know they have confirmed the continued support of All First Aid Training (www.allfirstaid.co.uk) as well JG Media Group and Up to Plate (www.uptoplate.com)

We put 10 questions to both drivers ahead of the 2019 season to get their views on what lies ahead:

What are your hopes for 2019?

Scott Edgar “My hopes/goals for 2019 are to fight at the front and to come away with silverware this year after a testing 2018 with lots of ups and down, I learn’t a lot.”

James Gahagan: “To continue to improve and get a trophy or two. But more than anything it's to achieve as a team and to be able to celebrate success with all those that have come on board to allow the continued growth of JG Racing possible.”

Which circuit this year are you most looking forward to and why?

SE: “I am looking forward to Anglesey this season as it looks fast and flowing which suits my driving style, I also like learning a new circuit.”

JG: “It’s Donnington, every time I get asked this question. I seem to suit it and get my best results there.”

What’s one of the best things about the Clio 182 Championship?

SE: “For me its how close the racing is and how quick it makes you learn as a driver”

JG: “The quality of drivers and the fact that the whole grid is so competitive. I wanted a tough series, it makes doing well more rewarding and the Clio championship hasn't disappointed in that regard.”

What do you think you will learn from each other being teammates this year?

SE: “We will learn a huge amount more being able to share data, ideas and strategies, it will definitely bring us both on leaps and bounds.”

JG: “More than the obvious (sharing data, ideas and setup etc,) I think it will pull me on as a driver… no one wants to be the ‘number 2’ driver!”

Do you prefer driving in the dry or wet?

SE: “I like both, but if I really had to choose it would be dry, nothing really like Thruxton or Croft on the limit in the dry.”

JG: “I prefer the dry to race in, but only because I have had only 2 wet races so I am still gaining confidence. Generally though a wet track is much more fun.”

Any clues to the look of the new livery this year?

SE: “Some of it will be blue lol”

JG: “It’s actually going to very similar to last year – but only because I have had zero time to design a new one. It will feature new partner and sponsor logos though.”

What was your most memorable moment of the 2018 season?

SE: "My most memorable moment was round 15 at Snetterton, I didn’t qualify that well but I got a great start and went from 12th to 7th in the first corner and had a great race.”

JG: “Racing at Donnington. Steve O (the chief) made a setup change that made the car feel awesome. It was the first time I was in a pack racing and actually stayed there without dropping off. We have struggled with that this year. But I think we have cracked it now.”

Sum up last season in 5 words

SE: “Frustrating, learning curve, hindsight, fun (at times ;)), opportunities.”

JG: “Tough, Expensive, Frustrating, Educational, Progressive (why do we do this again?) lol”

Whats the most random fact you know about your teammate?

SE: “His favourite drink is a porn star martini.”

JG: “His Dad is the top forensic scientist for the NCIS.”

If you found yourself racing together for position would you be mindful your teammates and leave a bit more space for each other?

SE: “Team orders or no team orders, we will have to wait and see.”

JG: “I think I should say yes… but we are both there to race so probably not.. haha”

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